About Us

Trust Honesty Transparency Security Social Responsibility

L One Future Group is focused on being a multinational corporation respected throughout the world for its quality, innovation and values.

We behave in a way that makes our people, customers and society trust our business, by being open and honest and adding value to the society by making responsible decisions. We demonstrate transparency by sharing knowledge and responsibility to create a culture where our people feel able to contribute freely.

We stretch our limits by going beyond conventional boundaries and provide the framework for our people to create new opportunities through learning and innovation. We improve the performance of our business every day by challenging existing and introducing new processes and practices.

Trust Honesty Transparency Security Social Responsibility

Our Team

Lario Lovrić

Mr. Lario Lovric, after earning MSc in Security Science, identified a requirement for high-level security management solutions delivered in a tailored manner. He has planned, managed and delivered numerous security and risk management projects at both the government and corporate level.

He founded L ONE FUTURE GROUP and has since grown it into one of the leading providers of protective security solutions, within the field of risk management and security. His clients in the corporate world include Fortune 10, 100 and 500, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, energy companies and multinational organizations.

Due to his extensive experience of design and delivery of a large number of training courses for foreign special forces and specialist government units as well as private security corporates, Mr. Lovric is widely regarded as a security and safety expert.

Roberto Torres

Mr. Torres, a partner and the founder of the Alfa Executive Group and L One Future Group, holds MBA degrees from the Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid, Business Administration and Management from ICADE, BBA from Vermond Business School, a degree from the Complutense University of Madrid and a degree in Civil Engineering (formerly a Public Works Civil Engineer) from the Technical University of Madrid.

Professionally, he has served as the Senior Auditor for Deloitte (formerly Arthur Andersen) in the area of energy, construction and services, auditing among its main clients the ACS Group, with its subsidiaries Dragados and Cobra Group among others, as well as the Uralita Group.

From 2011 to 2016, he has dedicated himself to international trade and participated in business development for national and foreign companies, with experience in China, Germany, Uruguay, Morocco and Algeria.

He is the owner and the President of the Lorca Fútbol Club SAD, in addition to having developed an app for mobile devices through which the Spanish football can be accessed in any country in the world for free.

Haroldo Bunn

Mr. Haroldo Bunn was trained by the 3 main police special forces in Brazil and did many courses in the armed forces.

He has been training security agents in Brazil and all around the world, teaching efficient standard operating procedures that are used daily by security forces in Brazil in combating criminal factions, drug trafficking cartels, and the protection of diplomatic authorities visiting Brazil.

He has worked in the Federal Police Special Force on different positions such as team leader in the assault team, helicopter operator, sniper, paramedic and the team leader in the Security Team for V.I.P. in the world’s biggest sporting events – FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Franc Lorenz
Senior Instructor – Maritime Security and Medic

Mr. Franc Lorenz has worked for 13 years in an Anti-Riot Unit of the German Federal Police. He has also worked for 5 years as a Patrol Officer in the German State Police.

During his service he did two tours for the United Nations Mission in Kosovo as a Close Protection Officer and as an instructor for the local police. After his police service he worked for several years as a Private Security Professional in the field of Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Operations.

He is a high qualified Medic Instructor and introduced TCCC as an obligatory part of every security training. The Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course introduces evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield.

Dubravko Gvozdanović
Senior Instructor - Firearms Expert

Mr. Dubravko Gvozdanović is a Croatian Homeland War veteran, a graduate in Criminal Justice Studies, Croatia. He used to work as Chief Inspector of the Special Police Unit Odjel VI (VIP security, bodyguard). He was involved as the personal bodyguard of Pope John Paul II during his first visit to Croatia in 1994.

He is a firearms expert and Forensic Firearms Expert Examiner approved by the Croatian Ministry of Justice, as well the IPSC (International Practical Shooting Association) firearms instructor & range officer and IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) firearms instructor.

At the moment, Mr. Gvozdanović is an adviser, firearms expert & official representative of HS Product company – the producer of the famous Croatian handgun HS pistols (known in the USA under the name Springfield XD) and VHS rifles, instructing security forces in Iraq, Tunis and Togo.

Mališa Manić
B.Sc.E.E. - Cyber Security Expert

Mr. Mališa Manić is an expert on cyber security and secure communications, who graduated at the Faculty of Technical Engineering in Belgrade, Serbia, with more than 20 years of experience in IT security, privacy, banking and government service.

Many of the things he teach in his trainings are based on huge experiences, particularly as a result of working with a large number of outsourcing vendors across the globe.