International Commerce

Allocation to commodities is a necessity for proper diversification. See how our investments can work to your advantage.

L One Future Group has been involved in international trading for many years. We started with military equipment, followed by building up the tactical and combat gear section and nowadays we are trading with everything that the Military and Law Forces could need. Our customers can use a number of different resources to gain access to their favorite commodity investments, but during last several years, we have succeeded to have them keep commodities in a long-term portfolio. Now, a small but important allocation to commodities is a necessity for proper diversification and our investments offer a number of advantages, such as hedging against inflation and maintaining low correlation levels to traditional asset classes.

As a trader, we have begun to embrace commodities with a 5% -10% exposure in their basket of holdings and finding the best options has not been a difficult task for us. For example, when it comes to futures contracts alone, our customers have options ranging from military equipment, true natural gas & oil all the way to the best Spanish wine. However, as futures contracts are designed for active traders, we at L One Future Group look to equities to establish a strong commodity position as well as the best prices for the future of our valuable customers.